The solution

The principal owners at Harcourts Adelaide Hills needed a reliable and secure business-grade server to host their property management software system.

They chose Crackerjack to be their IT partner for the provision of a new cloud-hosted server that enables all three property managers in different locations to access the REST Property Management system.

Harcourts’ existing server based in the Mount Barker office had reached its use-by date, therefore, a centrally hosted server to be accessible at multiple locations throughout South Australia was required.

The solution has been effective from the beginning with great improvement in the efficiency of Harcourts’ property management service.

Key Services
  • Windows Virtual Private Server
  • Rockend REST Property Management Server
  • Remote Access Server
  • Backup Services

Virtual Private Server

A cloud hosted private server enables multiple staff from different Harcourts locations to access important business applications and data in a secure and reliable manner.

Rockend REST upgrades

Crackerjack are now involved in regular updates of the REST Property Management application, undertaken at our client’s request and after office hours to minimise business interruption.

Backup Solution

With the cloud hosted server being maintained in an Australian data centre, daily backups are included in the monthly service fee. Snapshots of the server are taken at daily intervals which provide server restoration points up to 14 days prior.


With the Harcourts group managing their email mailboxes through Microsoft Office 365, Crackerjack was able to assist with the setup and management of staff and agent mailboxes for computer, iPad or iPhone devices.